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Dragon Naturally Speaking | Speech Recognition Software | Nuance dragon naturallyspeaking


Dragon Naturally Speaking is speech recognition software that is designed to convert spoken words into text. It is intended by Nuance that works using microphones. Dragon naturallyspeaking has helped out multiple businesses, students, and many other services. Dragon Naturally Speaking offers services in education, financial services, healthcare, legal, law enforcement, small business, social services, and others. The productivity solution where a user needs to speak only and then Dragon Naturally Speaking will automatically translate it into text correctly. What a user should do is, connect the microphone headset to the computer, open Dragon naturallyspeaking, and speaking the essential data a user wants to convert into text.  

Best Way To Avoid Typing – Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon naturallyspeaking is the best program for those who want to write for their work without typing a word through a keyboard. Other than avoiding the keyboard, Dragon Naturally Speaking software for large brands and presentations where a large number of words typing files required. Obviously, time is precious, and one can save the time of typing and writing at large scale just by speaking the work data.

What is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is a speech recognition program that allows the user to speak into a microphone on a computer with the software translating the spoken words into text in a text program. With a software program such as this, typing isn’t necessary and the user can do away with a keyboard. The user just plugs a microphone headset into the appropriate microphone jack, starts DragonNaturally Speaking on his or her computer, and speaks the necessary words and the program will translate it into text. With the appropriate microphone, the user can get a high degree of accuracy with speech-to-text translation. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is great for those who may be unable to type or who just don’t want to.

To use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, a user must first train the headset so that the program can know the way the user talks and whether the headset is able to score to a high level. During this training, the user just reads a few paragraphs while the computer understands the way the user talks. Once training is complete, the user can begin talking and the program will translate the words into text. Beware, though, that talking with Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a little different than your normal talking. For the program to work, you have to get used to a few conventions. In order for the program to do the punctuation that is required, such as end a sentence with a period, put in commas, and start new paragraphs, you have to speak them in your sentences. For example, to end a sentence, at the end of the sentence, you have to say the word, “period.” To place a comma in a sentence, you have to say the word, “comma.” To start a new paragraph, you have to say, “New Paragraph.” This may seem awkward at first, but after you’ve used the program for a while, you do get used to it.

In all, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is great for those who want to do away with typing and just want to sit on a desk, maybe with their feet up on it, and just talk into a microphone and have whole documents written up. This software is created by a company named Nuance and is currently up to version 15.

Download and Install Dragon Naturally Speaking

download dragon naturallyspeak
download dragon naturallyspeak

Download Dragon naturallyspeaking and install it on your computer. It is compatible with windows as well as with Mac devices. You can either download the Dragon Naturally Speaking software from an online portal or purchase a CD for installation. On the online purchase, the serial number must be in the email. Otherwise, the DVD envelope would have serial numbers in case of CD installation. Follow the below steps to install Dragon Naturally Speaking on your computer :

  1. Visit the official website and choose your product to download.
  2. You can either go for Download Dragon naturallyspeaking digital download or can insert the installation CD.
  3. On the download completion or CD insertion, double-tap on the setup file.
  4. Click on the Install button.
  5. Wait for some time and Click Next.
  6. Read the license agreement and click on “I agree the terms in the license agreement” button.
  7. Click on the Next tab.
  8. Now, fill the detail of User Name, Organization, and Serial number, respectively.
  9. Select the setup type and click NEXT.
  10. Click on the Install button and register online to get the update notification.
  11. Tick on the update button and click on Finish.
  12. If the update is available, it will show the update, and you can install the update.

Install Dragon Naturallyspeaking for Mac

Dragon Naturally Speaking is available for Mac, and so you can purchase the CD or download Dragon naturallyspeaking online. In both cases, you can install the software with the following steps;

  1. If any web browser is running on your Mac, close it.
  2. Download Dragon Naturally Speaking from the official website or purchase CD.
  3. Now start the installer.
  4. If you have the CD, insert it, otherwise, look for Mac.dmgfile on our download folder and double-tap on it.
  5. Double-click on Install Dragon and click Continue.
  6. Read the End-user license agreement.  
  7. Now, if you want to copy the information, click on the Print or Save button; otherwise, click Continue.
  8. Click on Agree and then tap on Install.
  9. Type the user password and click on Install Software.
  10. Click on the Close button and exit the installer.


Activate it on the installation completion –

  • Click on Get started on the welcome screen.
  • On the activation screen, choose the option according to your purchase like Serial number or Subscription.
  • Enter the serial number and click on Activate Now.

Dragon Naturallyspeaking Product list –

dragon naturally speaking products
dragon naturally speaking products

Products of Dragon Naturally Speaking are shown below which may help you to find perfect for your work;

  • Dragon Professional Group
  • Dragon Legal Group
  • Dragon Law Enforcement
  • Winscribe Dictation
  • Dragon Anywhere
  • Dragon Anywhere Group
  • Dragon Professional Individual (PC)
  • Dragon Legal Individual
  • Dragon Home

Dragon naturallyspeaking offers below business solutions that you can get through the official site.

  • Dragon for law enforcement
  • Dragon for legal
  • Dragon for financial services
  • Dragon for education
  • Dragon for social services
  • Dragon for small business
  • Dragon Medical
  • Dragon accessibility solutions
  • Dragon transcription solutions

Can Dragon Naturally Speaking be installed on two computers?

Dragon Naturally Speaking can be installed on tow computers, which may save the data as a back-up purpose. One license permits you to install Dragon naturallyspeaking on multiple computers where you can also create different voice profiles.


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